Our Lady of Divine Help

May 13th

From the beginning of the human race to the end of time as recorded in Genesis 3:1-6.13-15 and Revelation 12:1-3.7-12.17 there was the tension existing between the woman and the serpent. The Virgin Mary defends and assists the Church by nurturing the faith of Christians and by helping them to achieve their needs.

Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary with the title of Our Lady of Divine Help began in the fourteenth century in the church of Saint Augustine in Palermo, Italy. From there it spread throughout the entire Augustinian Order, particularly in Italy, Spain, and Latin America. In iconography, from the beginning, above all in Italy, Our Lady of Divine Help was styled with a child in her arm, casting out a demon with a stick. The Augustinian Family celebrates the feast of Our Lady of Help on 13 May.

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