Bl. Lucy Bufalari

July 27th

Blessed Lucy Bufalari of Amelia was born at Castel Porziano, near Rome, Italy and died in 1350. She is thought to have been the sister of Blessed John of Rieti, of our Order. It is known however, that she entered a community of Sisters of the Augustinian Third Order.

Little is known of her life, save that she gained the reputation of holiness and prudence as Augustinian Third Order nun at Amelia, and skilled in spiritual warfare. We know that later she was prioress to her community. She died young, on July 27, 1350. Following her death, the people of Amelia acclaimed her as a holy woman. Her remains are preserved at the former Augustinian church of Amelia. Her cultus was confirmed in 1832. Blessed Lucy is invoked against diabolical possession. Her feast is observed among the Augustinians on 27 July.

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