Bl. Juliana of Busto-Arizio

August 14th

Blessed Juliana Puricelli was born in Busto- Arizio, Italy, in 1427. From an early age Juliana was attracted to the things of God, spending much of her free time in Church, worshipping her savior and listening for the will of God. Her parents, hoping to secure a good life for her, arranged a marriage for their daughter. Juliana, however, was drawn more and more to a spousal relationship with Christ and sought to commit herself to Christ by a vow of Chastity. Seeking a more intimate union with Christ, she often subjected her body to mortification and sought to live poorly. At length, she was drawn to the Augustinian Religious life and became the first companion of Blessed Catherine da Pallanza. At Sacro Monte sopra Varese (near Milan), with Blessed Catherine and other women, Blessed Juliana lived the Augustinian Religious life. These sisters worked tirelessly with the sick, and suffered much slander against their little convent. Blessed Juliana died on August 15, 1501 at the convent of Santa Maria di Monte, near Milan. Her cultus approved on September 16, 1769 by Pope Clement XIV. Her memory is commemorated among the Augustinians on August 14th.

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