Bl. Jerome of Recanati

March 5th

Blessed Jerome Ghirarducci of Recanati was a member of the Augustinian monastery of Recanati (Macerata), Italy. He pursued an energetic apostolate in the Province of Piacena, to which he belonged, working to settle disputes and disagreements between families and the city, which were constantly at odds. He died in Recanati on 12 March 1350.

He is credited with having reconciled the cities of Ascoli and Fermo, which had been at war with one another, and he is still venerated as a peacemaker in the region of the Marches. As early as 1369 the town of Recanati was publicly celebrating the feast of this blessed on the Second Sunday of Lent. On this occasion, until recent times, it used to choose twelve peacemakers from among the populace, six men and six women, whose responsibility it was to settle disputes among the citizens. Blessed Jerome’s example urges people to become builders of peace in the community and the surroundings in which they live.

His mortal remains are venerated in the church of Saint Augustine in Recanati. His memory is celebrated by the Augustinian Family on March 5th.

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